Perfectly pickle-y and sour, with a crunch. This flavor has dill and fresh-sliced cucumbers, which are naturally pickled as the sauerkraut ferments. If you like dill pickles, you’ll LOVE this flavor!

Try this flavor anywhere you’d use dill pickles or relish. Sauerkraut aids in digestion of proteins, and the sour notes add the perfect counterpoint to fatty cuts of meat, like pork, sausage, or bratwurst.

Hot dogs/bratwurst
On eggs or a breakfast burrito
Hamburger topping
Perfect on a pulled pork sandwich (bring a jar when you hit the Sloppy Pig, you won’t regret it!)
Turkey sandwich or wrap
In potato salad
With cheese & crackers
With a spoon – a delicious way to add extra veggies to your day!