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Sauerkraut for the modern world. Never have bland food again with Vernal’s new flavor sensation! Always handcrafted in Vernal, UT. Give your gut the natural probiotics it needs, in the most delicious way possible. Available in multiple locations in the Uintah Basin.

What people are saying

"Delicious sauerkraut!! So natural and yummy!"
"The best sauerkraut I have eaten outside of Germany!"
"Absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to try them all."

Crockadill Values

The Best Local Ingredients

The most flavorful ingredients aren’t the ones that have been sitting in a warehouse for months. They’re fresh from the farm, picked that morning. That’s why Crockadill purchases hundreds of pounds of produce from the basin’s wonderful farmers every year.

We also believe strongly in supporting local businesses. 95% of all products used, from Redmond’s Real Salt (mined in Utah, purchased locally in bulk) to spices, jars and lids, are purchased here in the basin.

When local farms and businesses do better, we all win.


The Crockadill Story

Hi, I’m Jennie, owner of Crockadill. And, this is embarassing, but….

…I thought I hated sauerkraut.

Seriously. I had only ever tried the cheap canned stuff, and was NOT a fan. So, when I was desperately searching for remedies for my pregnancy morning sickness, and a website suggested natural sauerkraut, I blew it off. Yuck, right? But as the first trimester passed, yet the all-day sickness remained, I became desperate. All the other remedies had failed.  It was time to pull out all the stops. Vernal didn’t have any good quality kraut in stores at the time, so I brought home a cabbage, and made my first batch of kraut.

And guess what? It wasn’t awful. In fact, it was kind of tasty. And a little addictive. And, most importantly, it DID help. The natural probiotics seemed to be exactly what my suffering stomach needed.

Since then, sauerkraut has become a family staple. We eat it to boost immunity, reduce sugar cravings, stave off tummy troubles, and fix digestive issues. We eat it with every kind of meat, eggs, cheese, or other proteins to add incredible flavor and increase digestibility. We snarf it down after traveling to reset our fast-food bellies.

Sauerkraut makes our lives better. And I wanted to share that gift with others. And so one day, I doubled my batch, and posted it for sale on facebook. No one was more surprised than me when it actually sold! Since then I’ve sold thousands of pounds – from my house, at the farmer’s market, from a cooler on my porch, any way I could. Now it’s certified, inspected, and sold in stores!

To all my wonderful customers, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for joining me on this journey.